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Is it time to move away from solderless patch cables for your pedalboard and focus on durability?

When flexibility is essential and getting into tight spaces on your pedalboard, we are offering the Flex Patch Cable! We feel this is one of the best guitar patch cables on the market. If you're looking for durability in a soldered patch cable, look no further!

This cable is our new patch cable with Bare Copper 20AWG conductor and Bare Copper spiral shielding with 98% coverage and smaller diameter than our instrument cables (.230"). The Flex Patch comes GLS Audio Pancake plugs with gold signal contacts. We prefer the GLS Pancake plug due to their low profile, but mainly because of their signal/shield lug contacts!

The Flex Patch will come in the following lengths - 6", 8" and 10". Our Flex Patch has a flat price of $10 for each of the 3 lengths. But any cable length can be made, and we will adjust the price accordingly. If you're looking for custom guitar patch cables for your pedalboard, submit a custom build request. You can upgrade to G&H GGN Right Angle or G&H Stubby Straight plugs as well!

Please note, GLS pancakes are great for pedals placed close together - side by side. The pancakes offer a shallow height profile but a more prominent profile in width. Because of this, if you have jacks close together (for example - stereo outs on a pedal or loop strips), you may need to go with a G&H Right Angle to get plugs closer together. The G&H Stubby Straight is great for pedal loop strip systems. You can also mix G&H Right Angle, Stubby Straights, and GLS Pancake - select the appropriate plug before adding them to your cart!

Rattlesnake Flex Patch Cable

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