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The Noodles is built to give you instant tone flex without fiddling with faders forever. 64 different tone combinations - now, not in an hour. There’s bass, there’s mids and there’s treble. For each band, you get 3 different cherry-picked frequency sets that you can cycle with a button press. Each band can be enabled or disabled with your foot or any appendage you wish to use to press the switches, we don’t judge.


Here’s a rundown of all the modes:


Bass I: 40Hz
Bass II: 100Hz
Bass III:250Hz


Mids I: 250Hz - 500Hz
Mids II: 400Hz - 1KHz
Mids III: 1KHz - 1.8KHz


Treb I: 1.8KHz
Treb II: 3.2KHz
Treb III: 6KHz


Do not power with anything other than a center-negative 9VDC power supply. This pedal uses circuitry to double up the 9VDC power supply and you do not want to feed it any more. This kills the pedal and will void the warranty. You will be charged for repairs.

Ground Control Audio Noodles

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