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Kit includes everything you need to evaluate your frets and diagnose common fret issues: our Precision Fret Rocker+ and Fret Gauge Measuring Tool. The must-have Fret Level Care Kit is perfect for evaluating fret issues on new or used electric, acoustic or bass guitars.

The Fret Rocker is made of high quality stainless steel and is the perfect thickness at .07” (1.8mm). Features precision edges achieved thru single setup, continuous 5-axis CNC producing flawless flat edges with an accuracy tolerance of +/-.0015”/ft.

Our patented 5 edge design allows for balanced weight and precise diagnosis of fret evenness, and includes 4 straightedges (1.25”, 2”, 3” and 4”) for accurate fret rocking.

Our Fret Rocker is like no other as it comes with a precision String Action Gauge with accurate measurements that are easy to read with the blue finish contrasted with deep etched white markings. We include measurements in inches, metric & 64ths to customize to your preference. Our convenient chart on proper height by instrument type takes out the guesswork. It includes a Pickup Height Ruler to dial in your pickup sound.

Fret Gauge Measuring Tool includes 4 key measurements for evaluating frets and diagnosing possible fret issues: fret level, fret seating, fret height, and fret size. It is made with precision, smooth stainless steel without the annoying, messy oil found on traditional feeler gauge sets. Easy to follow instructions are printed right on the handle, and includes a convenient hang hole.

Music Nomad Precision Fret Rocker+ and Fret Gauge Kit

SKU: MN870
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