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Introducing "The Traveler" - the ultimate reverb pedal for any musician. This compact and versatile pedal packs a punch with its three unique algorithms: Mod, Shimmer, and Vintage, giving you endless creative possibilities for your sound.

The three knobs, Mix, M, and Feedback, allow you to customize your tone with ease. Use the Mix knob to blend your wet signal in, adjust the M knob to control a different unique feature on each algorithm, and the Feedback knob to control how long the reverb is. With "The Traveler", you can create anything from subtle reverb textures to full-blown sonic landscapes.

"The Traveler" also features MIDI capabilities, allowing you to control your presets, algorithms and features remotely. By holding the "Bypass/Hold" switch you activate the 'Hold" function which instantly jumps the feedback control to its max setting and then returns it to its previous place once the switch is released.

The six preset slots make it easy to switch between your favorite sounds, while the compact size makes it the perfect companion for gigging musicians. Whether you're playing in a small club or a large stadium, "The Traveler" will deliver the perfect tone every time.

"The Traveler" is the ideal guitar pedal for any musician looking for a compact, versatile, and high-quality effect. With its three unique algorithms, MIDI capabilities, Hold function, and six preset slots, you will explore new sonic landscapes with 'The Traveler' - your ultimate musical companion

Matthews Effects - The Traveler - Exploratory Reverb

SKU: Traveler
HK$1,100.00 Regular Price
HK$1,000.00Sale Price
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