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Meet "The Botanist" – the definitive modulation pedal for musicians of all kinds. This compact and multifaceted pedal delivers a powerful impact with its trio of distinct algorithms: Phaser, Chorus, and Harmonic Tremolo, opening up a realm of limitless creative opportunities for shaping your sonic landscape.

Easily tailor your sound using the three intuitive knobs: Mix, Rate, and Depth. Employ the Mix knob to smoothly blend your wet signal, fine-tune the Rate knob to govern the effect's tempo, and adjust the Depth knob to modulate the effect's intensity to your liking.

"The Botanist" is equipped with MIDI capabilities, granting you remote control over bypass, presets, algorithms, and features. Engage the 'Hold' function by holding down the "Bypass/Hold" switch, which instantly maxes out the Depth control and seamlessly restores it to its previous setting upon release.

With six presets at your fingertips, "The Botanist" simplifies switching between your preferred sounds, and its compact design ensures it's the ideal companion for gigging musicians. Whether you find yourself in an intimate club or a sprawling stadium, count on "The Botanist" to consistently deliver your ideal tone.

For musicians seeking a compact, versatile, and top-tier effect, "The Botanist" stands as the quintessential guitar pedal. Featuring three distinct algorithms, MIDI functionality, a convenient Hold function, and an array of six preset slots, "The Botanist" becomes your ultimate musical companion, opening doors to uncharted sonic horizons.

Matthews Effects - The Botanist - Chorus/Phaser/Tremolo/Vibrato

SKU: Botanist
HK$1,280.00 Regular Price
HK$1,180.00Sale Price
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