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The Amaterasu is best used to bring back some brightness to dull or darker setups such as guitars with humbucker pickups or a bad tinnitus. You can just as well use the Amaterasu with single coils, of course, which will make your tone glassy as heck. All this trebbly goodness will absolutely push your amp’s frontend into incisive bliss and you will enjoy it.


In technical speak, it is a 26dB, mostly flat, gain circuit followed by an optional extra 12dB of treble gain at 3.2KHz.


Do not power with anything other than a center-negative 9VDC power supply. This pedal uses circuitry to double up the 9VDC power supply and you do not want to feed it any more. This kills the pedal and will void the warranty. You will be charged for repairs.

Ground Control Audio Amaterasu

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